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Benefits of Meditation – 7 Facts that you must know

Benefits of Meditation

Most of the people have heard about the word meditation, but they don’t know what meditation actually is. Some people think that meditation is a prayer or a worship, but actually, it is not.

So the question is what is meditation?  Well,  in simple words, Meditation is a simple process of focusing on only one thing,  remember only on just one thing. For Example: While sitting in a garden at a peaceful place “focusing on your breath” is a meditation; “Hearing the sound of birds” is a meditation.  There can be many methods to do meditation but the Thumb Rule is only one that “focus on just one thing”.

Meditation is not just a method but it is a real way of life. It’s a state described by consciousness when the mind is free from scattered thoughts and different patterns, The observer ( person who is doing meditation )  realizes that the activity of the brain is completely reduced and focused on just a single activity.

Meditation is one of the best ways to get rid of the tension and make the mind relaxed. There is a huge list of benefits of meditation, unfortunately, we cannot discuss the whole list in this article but let’s discuss some of the key facts and benefits of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation – 7 Facts that you must know about Meditation

1. Increased Immunity

Meditation also works to increase the immunity in recovering tumor patients. In a scholarly study performed at the Ohio State University found that if we practice meditation on a daily basis,  it benefits us as progressive muscular relaxation,  decreases the chance of breast cancer recurrence. In an another study performed at Ohio State University,  a whole month of meditation exercises boost the resistance power of the body to fight against tumors and also against the viruses.

It is very beneficial to practice meditation on a daily basis and if you also take green tea daily along with meditation practices then it can do miracles to your fitness. you can check out the Benefits of Green Tea here.

2. Emotional Balance

Meditation is a great exercise for your brain as it makes your mind free of all kind of neurotic behavior which borns from the tortures and the Mental traumas. It takes many efforts but meditation is certainly a real way to cure all kinds of unhealthy emotional States and neurosis. It makes your mind completely relaxed and working actively in an energetic way.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

According to a report provided by Harvard Medical College, which states that meditation can lower the blood pressure of your body by decreasing the generation of stress hormones.

As we know generally the blood pressure becomes high when we are under stress or when we take tension on our mind. Meditation fight against the tension and the stress in mind which further results in lowering the blood pressure. According to a British Medical Journal Statement, which states that patients who got trained on how to exactly do the meditation have significantly lowered their blood pressure.

4. Increased Fertility

As per a study at the University of Western Australia shows that women will conceive during periods if they are in relaxed mind state instead of stressed. Another research performed at Trakya University in Turkey found that stress can reduce the sperm fertility and motility as well which further suggest us that relaxation can boost the male fertility.

5. Relieves Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Meditation is very much effective as the expert at the State University of New York recommended that it is a Highly Effective treatment. When patients were experiencing irritable bowel syndrome and they started practicing the meditation 2 times a day; their symptoms of diarrhea, bloating and constipation have improved considerably.

6. Calmness

Meditation makes body calm

Calmness is the key feature of the meditation. So let’s discuss this with the help of an example by comparing two brains, the first brain is a meditative brain which to meditation and the second is a typical brain which does not do meditation. For example, if any idea will come into the meditative brain, but by chance, that idea got flopped while performing; in that case, the meditative mind is calm enough to hold itself in a right state without becoming impatience. But in case of the typical mind which does not do meditation,  if the Idea will get flopped, Then that mind will get irritated and impatient, it starts doing the wrong things.

7. Anti-Inflammatory

Stress gives birth to many diseases and one of them is inflammation. That’s correct, Stress also gives birth to inflammation, a state associated with skin diseases, heart diseases, and asthma conditions such as psoriasis. Says Researchers at Emory University in America. Meditation is a proven method and very helpful in dealing with such kind of symptoms by switching off the stress from the mind. Through this way, one study at McGill University in Canada found that symptoms of psoriasis can get improved with the help of meditation.

How to switch off stress?

Now the question is how you will use the meditation’s great healing power?  Researchers at Harvard found that meditation, yoga, repetitive prayers and mantras all can help you to get the relaxed state of mind. “The most frequently everyday this method will get performed,  the more good benefits you will get”  Jake Toby says.  Try to perform these approaches for 10 to 15 minutes every day to get a very beneficial result.

If you are not sure that how to do the meditation, then here’s a small video which can help you to learn how to do meditation:



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