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How to Lose Weight Fast, if tired of excessive weight

Tired of Obestiy, Learn How to lose Weight fast

How to Lose Weight Fast

Many of us are wondering how to lose weight fast. I have excess weight in the waist, thighs, buttocks, how to lose it fast? Approaching summer, swimsuit season is coming or, for example, my sister is getting married, I have to look gallantly. I need to touch up the line and don’t have a lot of time … Many of us are bothered by that question, to make it quickly, and at the same time to be efficient.

Tired of Obestiy, Learn How to lose Weight fast

But before you begin the very subject in which I’ll try to answer your question, all those who want to lose weight fast, and for that have little time, have to know one important rule. It is not good to exaggerate! The sudden loss of several kilograms can lead to serious health problems and for that, you need to particularly pay attention.

If you’ve decided on something like that, and with less risk to your health, you must understand that rapid weight loss lasts for around a month because of all the stories about one week or 15 days fall into the water. Remember, it’s not healthy, and that kind of losing weight too quickly returns the same weight back if not more than you have. Because as you kilograms deposited for months or even years, it is time for their removal. It’s ok if you are thinking How to lose weight fast but using the wrong strategy like taking medicines/injections going through surgery can lead to a worst effect on your body.

Therefore, our focus will be a month. We can say that this is the optimum fast, and it’s healthy.

A firm decision and perseverance to Lose Weight Fast

To get you started to lose weight you have to be psychologically prepared. Your body is used to the higher caloric intake and any reduction affects your psyche. Also, even if you are determined to try to lose weight, you must be persistent in doing so. Especially because rapid weight loss leaves a larger amount of stress as the body does not adjust to something completely new to it.

Balanced diet for Weight Loss

Balanced Diet to lose weight fast

Reduce calorie intake because higher caloric intake and lower consumption lead to obesity. Men and women, depending on the construction material are needed per day up to 2000 calories. On average, a person who does not hold up their lines and does not exercise brings at least twice as many calories. The smart beginning will be about 200-300 calories a day less than how much you need otherwise. So do not skip meals, fast, but only regulate the amount of food and type of food you consume.

Breakfast – A Power Booster throughout the day

Breakfast is very important, never skip it. This is the most important meal of the whole day. It provides you with the energy you lost during sleep. People who regularly have breakfast are thinner than people who skip breakfast or change it with coffee, cigarettes … If you skip breakfast, you exhausts the body, and then, because of great hunger you eat more than you need, and therefore, the pendulum turns into fat. What would make an ideal breakfast are whole grain cereals with low-fat yogurt, sour milk. If you want to add fresh fruit, ok, but do not overdo it. This breakfast will keep you in the mood throughout the day, and it will give you the energy you need. It is one of the key factors of How to lose weight fast.

Break down your meals into 4 to 5 servings

Eat more often and smaller amounts of food. I know that for some this sounds contradictory, but instead of three large meals take 4 to 5 servings regularly arranged during the day. Th’s.ason for this is to speed up metabolism. It’s the another key factor of how to lose weight fast. The brain works in such a way that if you take some food is considered to be making supplies, such as fat on your body, it could not function normally. More often food intake makes the brain to quickly provide information to digestive organs that break down the food because the food is often enough. Of course, as you get closer to the end of the day, meals should be as much lighter and dinner the lightest.

Don’t Eat before bedtime

Do not have dinner after 8 PM. Except for people who work night shifts,  food intake after 8 PM is unnecessary because your body does not have time to fully digest food. All food that is not digested, and you lay in bed, becomes fat on your body. Approximately 3 hours before bedtime you do not need to consume food. Dinner should be light and consist of cooked meat, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour milk or fresh salads. Do not eat fruit at night because fructose is also converted into fat.

Do not eat at night. I’ve already mentioned when it should be the last meal, but it does not hurt to say it again, do not open the refrigerator during the night. Irregular sleep leads to obesity, and even when you eat some fast food from the refrigerator it will lead you from month to month, to buy new clothes, which will be the number bigger every time.

Take Full Sleep

Get enough sleep, It’s an another key factor of ‘How to lose weight fast’. The average person needs about 7 hours of sleep, so try to adhere to it. It is very important that your body provides plenty of quality sleep and rest, otherwise, the body is under constant stress, which leads to obesity. Many of us have had the opportunity to hear that someone gained weight nerves. Here’s how to reduce that risk. Also, afternoon sleep should not be longer than 30 minutes and should not be immediately after a meal. You should wait at least 2 hours after the last meal. A greater amount of sleep and regular will give you more willingness to perform everyday tasks, and training.

Add fruits and vegetables to your diet

Fruits and Vegetables Diet

Sufficient intake of fruit and vegetables. Fruits should be eaten for breakfast or as a snack between breakfast and lunch. Be careful with the amount that you eat. Regarding nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts), they should be eaten raw, not later than 4 PM and not more than a handful of (around 20 pieces). It can replace snacks that you are used to eating. Vegetables are essential for your body. The man was at the beginning of its creation exclusively herbivorous. Vegetables contain a variety of fibers that assist in the process of regulating the digestion, and its low-calorific value will lead to weight loss. The intake should be at least two times a day.

Grains are very important for your body, but you need to consume a whole meal. All carbs replace with integral dough, but of course, reduce the amount you eat. Whole grains also contain lots of fiber that will keep you satiated throughout the day.

Proteins – Important to Lose Body Fat Fast

Proteins are another essential factor of ‘How to lose Weight Fast’. They help you to build muscle mass and have the influence to lose fat. You have them in meat, fish (you need to eat 2 times a week), dairy products and eggs. Eggs are very important for nutrition, they contain the highest percentage of protein that the body can utilize and my recommendation is to eat at least one whole hard-boiled egg a day. The yolk from the egg affects the control of your cholesterol. Goat or cow whey have a small, insignificant percentage of fat, and although they contain protein in it (since it is a real protein powder that athletes use), it is the only product that affects the regeneration of the liver which is the main purifier of everything that’s wrong in your body.

Cut out Snacks and Sweets

Snacks and sweets cut out of use and I think there is no need to add anything more. Just enough carbohydrates that your body needs are in the listed ingredients and you do not need an additional amount of which will settle just below the skin.

Do not pull the fat from the diet. If you want to lose weight fast, you will not do a complete discharge of fat from the diet. Of course, there are unhealthy fats and you need to delineate that. No refined oils, margarine does not come to your mind. Consume only freshly pressed olive oil, linseed oil…

Avoid Juices and Alcohol, contains much sugar

Juices, alcohol needs to be completely forgotten. Juices contain over 10 grams of sugar per 100 ml, the aldehyde is obtained by fermentation of a fruit, which means again, the intake of sugar. The alcohol is not healthy because it leads to addiction diseases and liver damage. One cocktail contains calories as one of your meals. Drink plenty of water (makes about 70% of your body), juices replace with tea (do not overdo it and change the type of tea) as a snack you can consume juice of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable that you’re not adding extra sugar.

Water: One of most essential factor of How to Lose Weight Fast

Water is one of the most important factors of weight loss so make sure that the entered quantity of water is not less than 1.5L. I would recommend after getting up and doing your personal hygiene, first drink a glass of lukewarm water. That way, you wash all bacteria that have accumulated during the night in the intestines, and the remains of not digested food. Instead of lukewarm water case, I recommend you a drink that cleanses your body of toxins and affects the fat in your body. In a glass of lukewarm water squeeze half a lemon (or a whole), add 1 cup cider vinegar, grate a teaspoon of fresh ginger and pour a little cinnamon. And if the taste is not exactly cozy, you will feel changes in your body already after a week. There are a lots of Benefits of Drinking Water for fitness and weight loss

Training to Burn Excess Stored Body Fat

Training to Burn Excess Body Fat

We can say how important nutrition is, exercise is also. Approximately 60% the essential diet is important and 40% exercise is. So if you correct the diet, the fat will not disappear if you do not exercise, only the new will settle. If you exercise and do not pay attention to nutrition you will always bring more calories than you burn so you’ll continue to cultivate.

Physical activity is not only important because of your physical appearance, physical activity, it increases the length of your life, improves health, affects your psyche discharge negative energy mix and stress from the body. Exercise generally improves your quality of life.

Start with easy walk, replace it with Running later

If you are out of shape I would recommend you to start easy walk every day that you later replace with fast walking. One day and running, why not. If you prefer, gym, aerobics, Zumba, jogging or anything, should these practices be 3 to 5 times a week for about an hour. You must be careful because at the beginning of that training besides muscle ache, it may cause injury, but that’s not exactly what we wanted.

Training besides losing fat corrects your figure but will also give you the perfect body shape to which you will all fit perfectly in clothes. And you will lure sighs at the beach. My advice is to replace the car by bicycle or walking as a form of additional activities.


You have to realize that weight loss is not an easy process, especially if you want it to come faster than usual. You have not gained weight quickly, this process lasted, so you cannot lose weight quickly. This is not for 10-15 days, you have to have the patience to see results.

First results will come in a month and I can tell you that this is a quick way to lose weight. Do not fall into despair and be discouraged if your scale shows the same weight as a month from the beginning of keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Forget the scale, use meter

In fact, your connective tissue (muscle) changes your body fat. Muscle tissue is heavier than fat, but it is also less volume, which means that you are still losing weight. Moreover, I would like you to completely forget the scale, but if you already have to prove yourself the progress, use the meter.

Measure your waist, hips, thighs and it will be a major indicator that you succeed in your intention to fast, quality weight loss. If however, you measure, do it once a week. And know that this should be done always in the same part of the day, preferably in the morning, but not on an empty stomach.

Drink a glass of lukewarm first. Weekly, your weight loss does not suppose to exceed 2kg or you monthly between 6kg and 8kg. Like I said, health is more important and we need to strictly watch over it.

Another advice. If you still violated the rules listed and ate some cake or some junk food. Then, do not fall into despair, do not blame yourself because it’s not the end of the world. Your previous effort will be lost because of this. But make sure though that you don’t make this thing happen often. Go back to your usual diet and exercise and everything will be fine, and the results will come quickly.


* Disclaimer: This treatment may vary from person to person. All the information in this article is only a suggestion, Loseweightz.com is not responsible in any way for any kind of effects.

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