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Tetley Green Tea, Lemon & Honey, 30 Tea Bags


Tetley Green Tea, Lemon & HoneyBuy @ Amazon.in

Green Tea is not less than a Miracle for Human Body. It is Anti-Aging, Anti-Viral, Anti-BacterialAnti-Depressant, and it is a very rich source of AntiOxidants.

It has tons of Benefits like it helps in:

  • Weight Loss
  • Controls Diabetes
  • Controls Cholesterol
  • Anti-Aging
  • Reduce the risk of High Blood Pressure
  • Helps to beat away kidney stones
  • Makes Eyes Healthy
  • Makes Gums Healthy
  • Destroy bacterias which cause Tooth Decay
  • Cures allergies like watery eye, stuffy nasal area, seasonal allergies, and sneezing forever
  • Reduces the risk of Esophageal Cancer
  • Tons of more benefits

Tetly Green Tea Lemon & HoneyBuy From Amazon

Tetley Green Tea, Lemon & Honey

Rs 139/-
Tetley Green Tea, Lemon & Honey

Helpful in Weight Loss


    Helpful in Diabetes


      Makes Heart Healthy


        Good for Blood Pressure


          Skin Care



            • Good for Weight Loss
            • Makes Heart Healthy
            • Controls Blood Pressure
            • Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial
            • Works as Sunscreen


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